Where can I find my F2F settings?

Go to your Home page. Tap on the icon and then tap on the option Settings”. From the options that appear in the left sidebar, tap on the setting you would like to update.

What do F2F settings include and how can I edit them?

Settings include:

  • Change Password: Tap on this tab in order to change your current password, setting a more secure one. Enter your new password in the respective fields and tap on “Submit”.

  • Privacy Policy: Tap on this tab in order to get informed about our Privacy Policy, the categories of information we may process, the purposes for which we may process your information and the lawful basis for processing, the information we disclose to third parties, the cookies and similar tracking technologies, the international transfers of information, the data security, accuracy, minimization and retention, the terms of use and the contact details.

  • Rate App (only for Android users): Tap on this tab in order to get redirected to the F2F page in the Play Store and rate F2F.

  • Terms & Conditions: Tap on this tab in order to get more information about the terms and conditions of using F2F, its acceptable use and what is prohibited, its updates, maintenance and support etc.

  • Change Language: Tap on this tab in order to change the F2F interface language. Select the preferred language and then tap on “Continue”.

  • Contact Us: Tap on this tab in order to send a message about anything that might concern you with respect to F2F. In the next screen, enter your email address, the subject of your message and the text message before tapping on “Submit”. The support team of F2F will reply to you the soonest possible.

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